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Looking one job Oil and Gas any place

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Date de dernière connexion : 2015-07-25

Monsieur Je... J...
59076470 Natal Rio Grande do Norte

Situation actuelle:
Secteur d'activité actuel : Oil and Gas
Taille de l'entreprise : + de 1000 salariés
Fonction actuelle : Chief Eletromechanical
Nombre d'années à ce poste : + de 15 ans
Nombre de personnes sous mes ordres : 51 à 100 personnes
Salaire annuel : 190.00 USD
Expérience Totale : + de 15 ans
Disponibilité : Disponibilité immédiate
Poste recherché:
Fonctions: Mechanic, Hydraulic,Mechanical, Field Service
Secteur d'activité: Oil and Gas, Constructions, Powerplants

Type de contrat souhaité: CDI, CDD, CDD Intermittent, Interim, Agent
Temps de travail souhaité: Temps plein, Temps partiel, En alternance, Journalier, Saisonnier, Travail le WE
Salaire Annuel Minimum / Souhaité: 0.00 / 0.00 EUR
Etudes :
Dernier niveau d'etudes validé avec diplome : Bac+11
Dernier diplome : Mechanical Technician
Niveau d'études actuel : Bac+11
Autres Formations :

Mobilité :
Outils / Logiciels / Méthodes maitrisés
Hydraulic,Pneumatics,Tools,Engines,Compressor,Cranes,Pumps,Generators,Drilling On and Offshore

Permis VL, PL, véhicules spéciaux

Anglais : Langue de travail
Portugais : Langue maternelle
Espagnol : Langue de travail

CV :

Monsieur Je... J
59076470 Natal Rio Grande do Norte


Technical School Mechanic.


Industrial Instrumentation, Pneumatic
Industrial, Industrial Hydraulics, Diesel Engine Maintenance, Maintenance of
cranes 60tn, Reading and Interpreting Technical Drawings Mechanical, Basic
course in Salvage, Work Permit, Adjustment mechanics, flow measurement, control
breakdowns, Firefighting, First Aid, Safety in Platform I.

Course : ROV Pilot Junior

School : Underwater ROV Training.


IMCA MEMBER: International Marine Contractors


Projectcommissioningofvarious Cummins engines
aboard the Maritimes Petrobras platforms, operating in conjunction with
Technicians Cummins (DCND Brazil).

Maintenance and Operation of Generators.

replacement and repair of equipment.

OGAS SOLUTIONS Thailand Bangkok Project On-shore Land Rig

Somoil Angola . Current job.

Chief-Electro Mechanic Technician Drilling and Workshop.

Schedule and
supervise the activities of corrective maintenance, preventive and predictive,
aiming to keep the Rig, Cranes, and Work shop and their equipment in proper
operating condition.

Manager team Maintenance: Welders, Electricians,
Mechanics, Juniors technicians.

Ability to troubleshoot Top Overhaul for Cat
3500 Series Engines with knowledge of Electronic Technician.

Ability to carry out Condition Evaluation of
Drilling Equipments like Drawworks, Mud Pumps, Rotary, Crown Block, Travelling
Block, Top Drive, Dead Line Anchors .

Ability to carry
out Major Overhaul of Drilling Equipments like Drawworks, Mud Pumps, Rotary,
Crown Block, Travelling Block, Top Drive, Dead Line Anchors etc with overhaul

Ability to troubleshoot & repair Air
Compressors, Vacuum Compressors, Agitators, Centrifugal Pumps, Air Hoists,
Cranes, Forklift, Rig Vehicles.

Ability to understand, troubleshoot & repair
Hydraulic Systems & associated equipments like Hydraulic Winches, Hydraulic
Hoists, Hydraulic Cylinders, Hydraulic Tongs, BOP & BOP Control Unit.

Ability to handle reports & presentations on
Computer using Word, Excel, Power Point , Gantt Charts.

Ability & Knowledge of Maintenance
Management & Planning, Budget & Cost Control, Stock Control.

Good Knowledge of Electrical Equipments &
Drilling Operations

Ability to understand blue prints &
Schematics - Hydraulic, Pneumatic & Electrical

Ability to carry out tests, evaluate analysis
& plan remedies as required

Ability to train Junior Mechanics to Senior
level & Senior Mechanics to Chief Mechanics.


Maintenance Supervisor Offshore.
November 2012 To July 1014

Support Dive Vessel AssoventiseteCBO Emmanuela Rov. Basis Brazil

And Ship Iroquois launches line submarine
pipelines from Petrobras

Ship support Barger Mounts Plataforms and Jack
up.Cranes Liebherr,CEC FAVCO ,VILLARES,Link belt,HR,Manitowoc,Knucle boom.

Duties :

• Schedule and supervise the activities of Team Rig Mechanics,Eletricians,Crane Operators and
Instrumentations, Supervise activities corrective maintenance, preventive and
predictive, aiming to keep the platforms,Vessel,
and Jack up Cranes
and their equipment in proper operating condition.

• Schedule and oversee installation services involving construction machinery and equipment, adequacy of facilities and
lay-out electro-hydraulic-pneumatics, to expand and improve the capacity and productivity of the equipment.

• Schedule machine shutdowns
for preventive and corrective
maintenance in order to minimize the
non-productive time of equipment.

• Develop work procedures
for corrective maintenance / preventive, making changes
and adjustments as needed.

• Oversee the receipt and inspection of materials for maintenance, ensuring compliance with specifications.

ARIMAR COMMISSIONIG- Short term 01 October to 01 November

Mechanical Technician leader

Duties :

• Planning of preventive and corrective

in 148
Engines Caterpillar•

basic repairs in engines
in the Power Plants

SCHAHIN OIL AND GAS Hydraulics Rigs Work over - May 2009 to April 2012

Rig Mechanic II Rig Hydraulics And Work Overs.


Planning of preventive and corrective

• basic repairs on engines, transmissions and
pumps centrifugal ,Deep pumps ,Fire water pumps, Well Heads, Valves Gate Ball ,Annular
Safety Valve,B.o.p´s

Safety Valves ,Mud Pumps Serial Halliburton 400
Triplex and Denver Gardner Triplex Chains, Tools drilling,Cementing,Support
mounts equipments at Halliburton,Baker Hughes Schlumberger with operations Rig

• lubrication of equipment and other tasks of
the sheets weekly lubrication

• Execute work orders issued by the integrated
maintenance (SIM)

• periodic inspections,Maintenance and
operations with Power Packs Hydraulics.

• Storage of tools and work equipment
,Maintenance Unity Wire-line Petrobras ,Assembly Unity Baker Hughes Halliburton
and Schlumberger Cementing,Acidizing.

• Check availability of spare parts and
materials needed to perform tasks and require the replacement of the same
charge of the Rig

• Information of the work and the pending charge
of the Rig, part of completing the daily maintenance.

• procedures, standards, policies and work

• Disassembly, repair, adjustment, calibration
and assembly of mechanical components and hydraulic

• Implementation of actions related to emergency
response against the base or equipment relating thereto.

• Participation in the assembly and disassembly
of the Rig because it is a detachable Rig and Hydraulic.

BRAZIL NAVY Hydraulic Laboratory - Sept 2008 to May 2009

Military - Specialist


Instrumentalist Machines and Implements Mi
Functions under the 3rd Naval District Fortaleza Aracaju Maintenance Patrol
Ships, Tugs, Corvettes, Navy aircraft from Brazil, extra maintenance on Navy
vessels participation of Docking and floating dock Operation Capacity BNN-23
Hydraulic Laboratory of the Navy of Brazil

STEMAC Generators- Apr 2006 to Sept 2008

Mechanical II


Sales and Rental several Generators.

Repair and Maintenance for client

Maintenance on

Volvo Penta,John deere,Cummins and other


Mechanic Operator II

Duties :

Operation and Maintenance Stations Natural Gas, Pipeline RN / CE Brazil,
flow meters, pressure regulator.

KOMATSU ARGETINA – Sept to Dec 2003

Mechanical Assembler

Duties :

Maintenance of large equipment such as Retro excavators, cranes,
overhead cranes (Short term for 45 days).

SERTEL –Contract from Petrobras Unit drilling

Crane Mechanic-Rig Mechanic Jackup in Brazil

Duties :

Mechanical maintenance offshore platforms in Ceará performing
maintenance on centrifugal pumps, compressors, generators, transfer pumps.

– Contract from Petrobras Unit drilling 1998 to 2002

Crane Mechanic-Rig Mechanic Jackup Brazil

Duties :

Maintenance of cranes on platforms of Petrobras leased in Rio Grande do
Norte, Ceará, Aracaju , Bahia and Alagoas.

Lettre de candidature

Monsieur Je... J
59076470 Natal Rio Grande do Norte

Looking one job Oil and Gas any place

Technician with skills and experience in Oil and Gas
Worked Africa Angola,Congo,Argentina,Paraguay and Brazil
Looking new positions.
Thank you
Kind Regards
Jean Sergio

Monsieur Je... J...

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